Success Stories

Father Finds Accountability and Confidence

Growing up, Josh B. never felt good enough. This lack of confidence first surfaced after his parents divorced and his father abandoned his family. Always wondering why his dad left, Josh used food as a coping mechanism to fill the void. As an adult, he got to a point where his weight reached over 300 pounds. Coupled with his low self-esteem, Josh was working extra hard to support his growing family. He was exhausted, run-down, and running out of ideas.

Working Mom Finds Nutrition Solution

During the summer of 2014, Lauren C. watched IsaBody Challenge® Finalists walk across the stage at Celebration and knew that she wanted what they had achieved. Lauren was a dancer and led an active life for as long as she could remember, but after she gave birth to her two sons, Lauren fell out of the rhythm and was not focusing on nutrition or exercise.

Husband Defines Healthy Aging and Transforms His Body

By the time Jim K. reached 50 years old, he already felt “old, overweight, and less than.” A former powerlifting champion, Jim stopped lifting around 40 years old but continued to eat as if he was training, which caused the weight to pile on. In addition, Jim’s doctors were telling him that he needed to change his lifestyle and improve his health.

Exhausted Mom Becomes Happy, Healthy Fitness Coach

Rachel K. felt unhappy ever since her teenage years, so when she got pregnant, her moods went up and down. After she had her first baby, Rachel lost most of her pregnancy weight and even began training for a half marathon, but her mood was still low. She had little energy and was struggling to remain present in her marriage.

“I was exhausted all the time,” she said. “I was just living on coffee and looking forward to naptime and bedtime.”

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