Learn About Building Your Business

Assignment #3

Go Through the Calls with Your Coach

Learn from your coach, during the 3 Way calls how to interact with the people you are connecting with! After about 5-10 calls with your coach, you will be doing this solo :-)

Enroll a New Customer!

  1. Direct them to the New Cleanser Page, show them around. 
  2. Ask them to reach out to you, when their shipment comes in, so you can walk through their box and their back office! 
  3. Start to Complete their "New Member Checklist" (link below).


Continue to build your list of people to contact, through the next steps of building your business!


New Team Member Checklist

*The New Team Member Checklist 

-Helps remind you to send them their Welcome Email, Facebook Group and Keep you Organized with Customers You Have Enrolled.